Bankable Skills Gained Through online learning (part 1 of discussion – Module 1 – for UOM course)

I’m sharing this positive blog as it is about seeing the online challenges from another angle/perspective, that of acquiring valuable career skills, that won’t come from any textbook or by sitting in classroom. The blogger highlights 4 beneficial skills that are essential for success in the workforce and names them as ‘Bankable Skills Sought After by Employers’.

Benefit 1 — Self-Motivation: Students that will successfully manage to graduate from an online course, would have learned to stay motivated. In a real class setting the student will be dependent on what’s going to be instructed or on his/her peers. In an online learning setting the student that wants to learn and succeed will plan, be organised and be motivated. Such skills are only gained through independent learning!

Benefit 2 — Communication: Communication with lecturers and classmates will be through written assignments, e-mails, and posts. Online learning teaches us to communicate well and often – which is exactly what we need in this digital era in every work place!

Benefit 3 — Organization & Time Management: When we choose to learn online, we would have done so as we have packed lifestyles to manage to attend to a class. Being an independent learner, one needs to develop an effective time study schedule to be able to post/ send the requested assignments by the deadline. This point might be similar to when being a student in a class, however there’s more work involved that needs to be well organised – that is of learning alone and be able to deliver the assignments on time.

Benefit 4 — Adaptability: No matter how much we plan and get ourselves organised, life is full of unexpected surprises. We need to learn to adapt to be able to complete what we would have started, at times we’ll need to turn plans upside down – that’s called adaptability! Again another asset skill that will be earned through online learning!


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