What are the disadvantages of online learning ? (part 2 of discussion – Module 1- for UOM course)

In this article I agree with the author, that online learning might not be a perfect fit for every student, especially if they lack self-discipline, motivation, lack of written communication skills, lack of technological proficiency, etc.

In these cases students either will need to push themselves to work harder or definitely opt for a face to face learning program. Other options would be that they need to first sit for a foundation course in a class or possibly a foundation online course with more audio-visual kind of training (lessons are in a form of video).

My opinion about online learning is that these courses are a great opportunity for people who really wish to learn and acquire an accreditation but  have difficulties in being physically present in a class, however certain basic academic skills are required (and one should be tested upon). Online courses can save a lot of time and money to people. Example, parents that work long hours and they need to be home, this way they can study at their own peace, after kids have slept or before they wake up, etc.


Visual learners need examples – they cannot learn through just reading or hearing,  they tend to have low attention span to focus… so basically they can be lost also during a class lecture…

So what if online learning is customized for them, with examples of videos related to what they need to associate the topic..? webinars are also an excellent way how to interact in a class setting from your home…

Certain subjects, irrelevant if the students can be good online learners, they would still need to attend to a class, since the job is a hands on one eg: medicine, art, gym instructor and so on…


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